We turn customer potential into business results.

We’re a data-loving customer experience strategy firm. Using analytics and imagination, we help our clients in three big ways.

How can we help you?

1. Help me better understand my customers.

We’ll help you answer questions like:

What customer segments do I serve today?
What are my customers trying to accomplish (their job-to-be-done)?
What core values are driving customer behavior?
How are my customers different than my competition’s?
What does my customer’s journey look like?

2. Help me grow my business with existing customers.

We’ll help you answer questions like:

What customers have more business potential with us?
How can we add more value to our existing customers?
What customer behaviors can we encourage to grow business results?

3. Help me innovate to grow my business in new ways.

We’ll help you answer questions like:

Where in the customer journey are we under-serving our customers?
How can we better help our customers attain their goals?
How can I leverage customer insight to take advantage of market
white space?
How can I innovate while minimizing organizational risk?

“I was impressed with how Sprocket merged data, economics, and creativity in a unique way that lead to a collection of valuable insights and a refined strategic direction. They’re wonderful and fun thought leaders; a great extension to our team.”

Andrea Krohnberg

Senior Director of Member Engagement, YMCA Twin Cities

We’ve got plenty of experience with great brands.

We’d love to turn with you.