A designer, an economist, and a data scientist walk into a bar…

People always ask us how Sprocket began, and as it turns out, that’s how it happened. A simple meet-and-greet sparked a partnership between three unlikely nerds that created the magic that is Sprocket.

We combine the elegance of customer-centric design with the intelligence of data science and the pragmatism of behavioral economics to create experiences that keep customers coming back and grow your bottom line. Essentially:


We design customer experiences that grow businesses using analytics and imagination.


Whether you want to gain additional value from your current set of products and services or you’re ready to branch out into uncharted waters, the sweet-spot that sits at the intersection of our respective super powers means we’ve got you covered.

Meet your Sprocketeers.

Small team. Big expertise. High quality work done fast.

Tres Tronvold

Tres Tronvold

Loyalty Strategy Designer

As a consultant with deep expertise in Loyalty Marketing and Customer Relationship Management, I work with clients to conceive and develop their loyalty strategy and bring that strategy to market.

April Seifert

April Seifert

Data Scientist & Social Psychologist

I believe in making informed decisions and taking calculated risks. That is why I have devoted my career to research and data analysis – it is what provides the competitive advantage to move forward intelligently….and win.

Justin Royer

Justin Royer

Experience Designer

I design strategies and experiences that customers want and that businesses can execute and profit from. I’m a huge fan of using machine learning and human creativity to design better services. I’m also a fan of the Oxford comma.

Kristen Heimerl

Kristen Heimerl

Innovation Designer

I help leaders and learners build a better tomorrow. My goal is to impact organizations and individuals through strategic advice, innovation, education, and inspiration that turns ideas to action and plans to results.

“The Sprocket crew is fun to work with. They take the work seriously, but not themselves.”


Rich Wang

Director of Analytics, Minnesota Vikings

Give us a shout. We’d love to turn with you.